Renew Pilates is a true gem. Whitney provides professional services in a calm and lovely environment. I have had great benefit from her care, both massage and facials and highly recommend her.




I have taken pilates classes with Whitney for 2 1/2 years. I enjoy this method of exercising so much. Pilates has given me a way to work out that is not too hard on my joints, but definitely works my whole body. Pilates has given me a stronger firmer core that enables me to walk tall and carry myself proudly. Pilates has also improved my movement and quickness around the tennis court. I highly recommend Pilates classes with Whitney.




The best facial and massage I have ever received has been at Renew! I love that I receive specialized skin care services in a boutique type spa setting. My visits for massages and facials have increased from 2 or 3 times a year to monthly after visiting Renew!




Whether it's for a relaxing and therapeutic massage or for a men's facial, I've always enjoyed the experiences I've had at Renew Spa. And just as important, I can immediately see and feel the benefits.





   I was referred to Renew by a friend about 18 months ago. Whitney answered the first time  I called and welcomed me to come try a Pilates class, explaining that it would be a great way for me to excercise despite having knee and hip pain from a previous injury. She was right! Whitney is a great Pilates instructor. She is easy to follow and has progressed my workouts so that each session is different and challenging (in a good way!). I have experienced an increase in muscle tone, strength and flexibility along with decreased knee and hip pain while exercising. Being a mother of four, Whitney’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate has been a definite plus. Renew is centrally located and such a warm, comfortable, relaxing environment. Thanks to Whitney, I have never felt intimidated beginning a new way of exercise and have learned how to incorporate some of the principles of Pilates she’s shared into my everyday life. I honestly leave each session feeling “renewed” and ready to take on whatever is ahead.  In addition to the physical benefits I’ve gained through my time at Renew, I have come to enjoy my sessions with Whitney just as much as she is such a knowledgeable instructor, so easy to work with and great fun to be around! This is the first time I actually look forward to excercise!

Dawn Beale